Passionate Game Design

Weaving Yarns

Weaving Yarns is a role-playing game that explores the boundary between fantasy and reality.  The real world players are engaging in a fantasy (the game) about fictional characters (their PCs) suffering from hallucinations (a fantasy) in situations drawn from the real player’s lives.

The game takes place in the contemporary world and follows characters with passionate but mundane goals.  The characters all share one thing in common they experience hallucinations to one degree or another.  The reason for these hallucinations are unspecified but they do likely stem from a trauma suffered earlier in the character’s life.  The characters pursue their goals and share their intimate feelings with friends and family moving ever closer to bringing their past trauma to the surface.  From that point the game moves toward an epilogue where we see how surfacing the trauma has changed the character.  Their goal may or may not reach resolution.

From a player perspective the situations their characters encounter echo memories drawn from their own lives.  When these echoes emerge they earn a game resource they can use to manipulate the outcome of die rolls.  By blurring the boundary between fiction and reality we can examine the question where do ourselves end and our characters begin?

Alpha Playtest Document: Weaving Yarns


  • House of Leaves
  • Franklyn