Passionate Game Design

Bread Mold Might Be Medicine

Bread Mold Might be Medicine is a role-playing game about the role of fantasy and self-deception in the process of personal growth.  The game focuses on a doctor and the patients at a mental hospital whose lives are touched for better or for worse by the deep delusions of a particularly troubled patient. 

The doctor confronts problems both personal and profession while the patients struggle to overcome their dysfunctions and discover their inner virtues.  Stirring the pot wanders the mysterious patient lost in a fantasy world his own making.

Bread Mold Might be Medicine depicts the battle between reason and whimsy and the struggle between restraint and indulgence.

“[Don Quixote] thought that every windmill was a giant. That’s insane. But, thinking that they might be… well… all the best minds used to think the world was flat. — But, what if it isn’t? — It might be round — and bread mold might be medicine. If we never looked at things and thought of what they might be, why, we’d all still be out there in the tall grass with the apes.” — George C. Scott as Sherlock Holmes in They Might Be Gaints

Alpha Playtest Draft: Bread Mold Might be Medicine

Inspirations include:

  • K-Pax
  • Neverwas
  • The Fisher King
  • Stonehearst Asylum

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